Type CHM3 straight-through joints are suitable for all three-core plastic-insulated cables (PVC, PE, XLPE, EPR). They allow the connection of cables with different cross sections, conductive materials, semi-conducting layers (graphite-coated, removable or strippable) and screen (copper wire or tape). Suitable for compression cable lugs.



• Reliable stress control due to flexible silicone stress control elements

• For all cables with copper wire or tape screen

• Wide conductor and cross-section range

• Quick, safe and easy assembly

• Ready for immediate operation



• Indoor

• Outdoor

• Underground

• Water

• Installation ducts

• Ductwork



• Compression connectors not included

• Joints with a range of Um = 12 kV

must be used for cables of Um = 7.2 kV. (Check minimum diameter over conductor insulation)



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