Cold applied medium voltage
Universal Insulation Boots for
right angle and straight bushing
application on switchgears and
transformers connection.

Cold applied medium voltage Universal Insulation Boots for right angle and straight bushing application on switchgears and transformers connection.



The Cold applied CUB – 2 is designed to insulate termination and bushing connection, applicable for right angle and straight application, to improve phase to phase and phase to ground insulation level due to limited space and also to prevent the terminations from flashover. Made of high degree Silicone, Universal Boots type CUB – 2 are very flexible
and have permanently elastic property (no ageing). Permanent elasticity results in permanent interface pressure and it follows all variations in the cable dimensions during load cycling.



• Voltage level : U0 / U(Um) 6 / 10(12)kV – 8.7 / 15 (17.5) kV
• Cable size : 35 – 400 mm2
• Bushing diameter : 46 – 70 mm (400/630A type)
• BIL : 95 kV


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